21 Aug
Panoramas: two terraces

I just put two new 360/180 degree panoramas online, of places very well suited for an exquisite dinner.

Camping Slapić

Hotel Haus am Berg


30 Jul
Moving from pwsafe to KeePass

My favourite password management tool, pwsafe, is getting old. It's no longer part of Ubuntu and I've had to compile it myself for quite a while now. It's also not supported on Android, and shows other signs of aging. So, I moved to KeePass. Exporting my database to CSV was simple, and to make the job of importing it correctly into KeePass even easier, I wrote a simple Python script.

Click to see the code...

18 Jun
Python FlickrAPI 1.4.4 released

Python FlickrAPI library version 1.4.4 has been released, and can be downloaded from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/flickrapi with more info at http://stuvel.eu/flickrapi

The changes are:

  • Changed default API URL to use HTTPS (Joseph Hui).

  • PEP 8 compliance (Luar Roji).

  • Replaced Distribute with Setuptools.

In the mean time, we have made more progress on the upcoming version 2.0. We can always use more bug testers, bug fixers and documentation writers; check out https://bitbucket.org/sybren/flickrapi/ to get involved!

10 Mar
Reloading your code in Blender

Blender lets you script more or less everything. You can have your code inside Blender (and the .blend file) itself, but I prefer to store it outside the .blend file. This makes it easier to handle changes, and allows you to use any editor you want. The downside is that reloading your code becomes a bit of a hassle. This is a little snippet I wrote to reload my code in Blender with the click of a button.

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28 Feb
Counting pixels in Blender

For my research, I'm using Blender to generate images. I wanted to know how visible a certain object is in the final render (i.e. how many pixels it occupies). For this there is the "object index" render pass (aka "IndexOB" in the compositor). I've been struggling with it, since it always outputs that the index is 0, even though there are multiple objects in the scene.

Well, with the help of mfoxdogg on the #blender IRC channel, we found a solution: You need to set the index by hand, for every object you're interested in. If you go to the object properties (in the properties explorer), in the section "Relations" there is a slider "Pass Index". This is set to 0 by default, and you can set it to any positive number you want. This is then reflected in the output of the "IndexOB" render pass.

Click to see how I counted the pixels...