Python Flickr API kit

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Flickr is one of the most popular photo hosting websites on the planet. Their extensive API gives programmers plenty of opportunity to use Flickr any way they see fit.

The easy to use Flickr API has several interfaces written in Python, the best one created by Beej. I've been the maintainer for this interface since augustus 2007. It's the easiest to use, most mature and feature-rich Python interface to Flickr.

Features that set this Flickr API interface apart from other Python implementations:

  • Actively developed.
  • Extensive documentation, including usage examples.
  • API documentation that's always up-to-date with the latest version.
  • Support for uploading and replacing photos.
  • Automatically keeps track of your authentication credentials. No need to pass them on every Flickr API call.
  • Tab completion of all Flickr API functions in IPython.
  • Caching framework.
  • Support for different communication protocols, such as REST and JSon.
  • Different XML parsers to suit your taste and platform.

Who is using Python Flickr API?

If you're using our Python Flickr API implementation and you want to be included in this list, drop me a line. Entries shown in bold have been generous in the form of a recent donation.


If your Linux distribution ships the package python-flickrapi try installing that. At least Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora ship with my Python Flickr API package. It probably won't be the latest and greatest, but it's easy to install.

If you have SetupTools on your computer, you can use that to download and install the package. It is by far the easiest method to get the latest Python Flickr API installed:

easy_install flickrapi

You can then always update to the latest version using:

easy_install -U flickrapi

As an alternative you can install from source. Get the source archive, extract it and run

tar zxvf flickrapi-(version).tar.gz
cd flickrapi-(version)
sudo python install

If you get an error about "sudo" not existing as a command, try it without the "sudo".

The development version of the source is stored in a Mercurial repository at If you're interested you can track it using our Mercurial RSS feed.


We have two pieces of documentation for you.

General documentation

Start here. It explains how to use the module in words and example code.

API documentation

Reference of the Python Flickr API implementation. Use this if you're interested in the workings of the module. It includes all the methods, including docstrings.