16 Sep
Python-RSA 4.0 released!

After over two years of silence, Python-RSA 4.0 has been released! There are many improvements and also backward-incompatible changes (hence the increase of the major version number).

Get it while it's hot at the Python Package Index, or just install with pip install --upgrade rsa.

07 Feb
All mail is mine

While I'm doing web development I want to have an email server that ensures that all mail will end up in my mailbox. To this end I set up Postfix with this rule in main.cf:

header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks.regexp

The header_checks.regexp then contains:

/^To:/ REDIRECT sybren+keep-local@my.domain

This results in all mail being sent via my SMTP server is delivered to my mailbox, regardless of who it's intended for.

08 May
Python FlickrAPI 2.3 released

A new version of the Python FlickrAPI has been released. You can download or upgrade it using pip3 install -U flickrapi.

Changes are:

31 Oct
Blender Conference 2016

BConf 2016 was awesome, as ever. This is just a blog post to share the slides of my workshop "Develop add-ons like a pro".

21 Apr
I'm a PhD!

Yesterday I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science at the Universiteit Utrecht, on the subject of the simulation of dense crowds. Of course my thesis Dense Crowds of Virtual Humans is available online!