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30 Oct
Blender conference 2013

Last weekend Amsterdam was visited by a great group of over 250 Blender professionals and enthousiast, for the Blender Conference 2013. This year it was my pleasure to give a workshop about my research, and how I use Blender to visualize my result.

For the attendants (and other interested people), I've put my presentation, the Blender file and accompanying SQLite database online: https://stuvel.eu/files/bcon_2013_sybren_workshop.7z

You can still see the workshop online on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt8WdSvaRms&feature=player_detailpage#t=620 (the first 10 minutes is just people leaving the previous workshop, and me setting up).

click for the video...

31 Jul
Portretten in het park

21 juli werden bij de Noorderparkbar liefdesliedjes gedraaid door Döske en liefdesstoelen gepresenteerd door Marc. Een uitgelegen moment om wat intieme portretten te maken.


28 Jul
First photos with a Hasselblad

These are the first photos I've taken with my Hasselblad 500 C/M. I was actually planning of shooting in black & white mostly, but since I had some unused colour film in my fridge I thought it would be a good idea to practice with that. Turns out I really like the result! The colours are vivid, but still look natural, and the bokeh of the lens is simply terrific. I love this camera!


More photos

31 Aug
Summer in The Netherlands

Summer in The Netherlands

Here's this year's joke: summer. It's like last spring was confused and acted all summery, and summer, autumn and winter all think they're autumn.

Summer in The Netherlands

Still makes for good photos though ;-)

15 Jun
An early bird catches nice light

Some weeks ago I woke up early on a saturday morning. That's nothing like me, as I love to sleep in late. But still, I wanted to catch the light glimmering off one of Holland's largest canals and reflecting into the trees, and to get the right angle of the light I had to get there early.

This photo shows the relaxed atmosphere of the northern part of Amsterdam, while in the background there is the busy central train station. Be sure to check it out large.

De rust van Noord

A few hundred meters further north along the same canal I found this spot. Again the light reflected beautifully off the water. Everybody I met that morning was friendly, and there was a great atmosphere. I think this photo reflects that well.


11 May
360 panorama, Amsterdam Noord

I've bought myself a Nodal Ninja 3 panorama head. Today I gave it a first test run, and it worked very well! That's my bike, by the way ;-)

Drag your mouse to look up, down, left or right. Scroll to zoom. Double-click for full screen.

Photo hosted by Flickr.

The details about how I created this photo are after the break.

28 Mar
Photoshoot with Rianne

Rianne with bricks

Yesterday Rianne and I did a photoshoot right in the heart of Amsterdam. From the red light district we moved to the busiest shopping street, the Kalverstraat. To cool down a bit we finished the shoot at the nature reserve Het Twiske.

To the photos!

22 Mar
Graffitti @ Mosveld

Graffiti bij Mosveld

Een groep van 36 kunstenaars uit 6 landen zijn bijeen gekomen om onze stad op te fleuren. Op dit moment werken ze in Amsterdam Noord bij het Mosveld.

Natuurlijk kon ik het niet laten om wat foto's er van te schieten.

20 Jul
360 panorama: Amsterdam Central Station

This panorama shows something that I quite often see; the people here are waiting for the ferry to cross the IJ (the lake that separates the northern part of Amsterdam from the rest).

Look around by dragging, use your scroll wheel or page up/down keys to zoom. Double-click to view full-screen.

This photo is hosted by Flickr.

This time I used Hugin for remapping and aligning the photos, but I merged them by hand in The Gimp. It's quite an easy process, and it gives you much more control. I took the photos without a tripod or any other form of support, so not everything lined up perfectly, which is where the manual control came in handy.

15 Dec
Winterjazz in het Noorderpark


Elke vrijdag is er live jazz in de Noorderparkkamer. Klik op de foto voor meer foto's.

Slide show

20 Nov
Visit to Artis


Today we went to Artis again - the Amsterdam zoo. I just love shooting animals!

12 Oct
With Daniel V. in Amsterdam

Feeding the pigeons

Daniel V, a guy from Romania, was in need of a battery charger in Haarlem, The Netherlands. He contacted me because I posted in the Haarlem Flickr group. The next day he visited me in my home town Amsterdam, and we took a stroll through the city centre.

[ photos... ]

02 Oct
DPS Photo walk in Amsterdam

Rain in Amsterdam

The weather is getting pretty bad in my home town, which means that it's a great time to shoot some very interesting night shots! So, who's up for a photo walk through Amsterdam?

Of course, we can start during the day, get some nice food in the city centre, and shoot some more after the sun has gone down.

Join the Digital Photography School forum and post a comment in the Photo walk in Amsterdam thread if you want to join in, and we'll see if we can pick a date.

Being Dutch isn't required!

30 Aug
Bl3nder at Uitmarkt

Bl3nder | Cyril Directie

De Uitmarkt is the opening of the cultural season in Amsterdam. We went to see Bl3nder, and they totally rocked! It was the first time I saw Def P (the world's best rapper) live, and it was everything I hoped for :) Their drummer was absolutely amazing!

Of course, I've taken a few shots

26 Jun
Brand / fire in Amsterdam Noord

Brand Klaprozenweg Amsterdam Noord

At this moment there is a tremendous fire in Amsterdam Noord, just a few meters from my home. People are being evacuated, although I seem to be safe right now. Let's hope the wind doesn't turn.

My photos were used at NOS Journaal, AT5, nu.nl, RTL Nieuws and RTV-NH.