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08 Feb
Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

Beautiful photos of Hong Kong in the 1950s. They were shot by Fan Ho when he was a teenager, and recently composited into the book Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir. Design You Trust has an overview of the photos.

31 Jul
Portretten in het park

21 juli werden bij de Noorderparkbar liefdesliedjes gedraaid door Döske en liefdesstoelen gepresenteerd door Marc. Een uitgelegen moment om wat intieme portretten te maken.


31 Jan
Lee-Ann & Jordan

Afgelopen oud & nieuw heb ik Jordan geholpen met het installeren van een foto-studio in z'n eigen kamer. Natuurlijk moesten we het uitproberen, en dit is het resultaat:


Klik voor nog een foto...

08 Sep

Dit jaar zijn we weer naar Kroatië gegaan, en hebben we een heel aantal 360/180-graden panorama's geschoten. Daarnaast ook een hoop zwart-wit foto's met mijn Hasselblad 500 C/M. Hier onder vind je er alvast twee, de rest moet ik nog afdrukken en scannen.

Drowned treesOld water wheel

28 Jul
First photos with a Hasselblad

These are the first photos I've taken with my Hasselblad 500 C/M. I was actually planning of shooting in black & white mostly, but since I had some unused colour film in my fridge I thought it would be a good idea to practice with that. Turns out I really like the result! The colours are vivid, but still look natural, and the bokeh of the lens is simply terrific. I love this camera!


More photos

24 Apr
Analogue photography

Number 61

Ever since I got two old cameras for my birthday last year, I've been drawn more and more towards analogue photography. You know, the kind that involves negatives and chemical processing, and where you don't have to worry about getting dust on your sensor. There is a certain mistery in not knowing how the photo will turn out to be. There really is a thrill in cycling to the photo store and looking at the negatives on their light table. Also I seem to stay more "in the flow" while shooting, rather than breaking it by inspecting the LCD display. This worked very well for the shoot with Selina. And finally I just love the look of real black & white photos made with old optics!

There are downsides, of course. The major one is that it seems to be impossible to scan an entire negative without having one or two cat hairs on them...

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