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06 Nov
Python FlickrAPI 2.0 released

Python FlickrAPI library version 2.0 has been released, and can be downloaded from the Python Package Index with more info at my FlickrAPI page.

The major change is that the "new" OAuth-based authentication is used. This makes our Python FlickrAPI library a lot more future-proof.

Thanks to Jim Easterbrook, Thai Nguyen, Nick Loadholtes and Bengt for their contributions.

18 Jun
Python FlickrAPI 1.4.4 released

Python FlickrAPI library version 1.4.4 has been released, and can be downloaded from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/flickrapi with more info at https://stuvel.eu/flickrapi

The changes are:

  • Changed default API URL to use HTTPS (Joseph Hui).

  • PEP 8 compliance (Luar Roji).

  • Replaced Distribute with Setuptools.

In the mean time, we have made more progress on the upcoming version 2.0. We can always use more bug testers, bug fixers and documentation writers; check out https://bitbucket.org/sybren/flickrapi/ to get involved!

24 Feb
FlickrAPI and OAuth

This summer Flickr will stop supporting their old authentication system and move fully to OAuth. I've gotten several questions about whether Python FlickrAPI will support that. No worries, it will. If you want it fast, clone the repository, implement OAuth (don't forget the unittests) and send me a pull request.

03 Feb
Python Flickr API 1.4 released

The Python FlickrAPI kit has just been released. The new features are:

  • Using auth_callback=False when authentication is actually required now raises a FlickrError exception.

  • The implementation uses self.flickr_host so that subclasses can override the API URLs.

  • Support for short URLs was added.

Of course the Python FlickrAPI kit is completely dynamic, and so it always supports any new FlickrAPI functionality as soon as it is released by the Flickr team.

The new version can be found at https://stuvel.eu/projects/flickrapi or the Python Package Index at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/flickrapi

03 Oct
Python Flickr API 1.3 released

Today I released version 1.3 of the Python Flickr API. It's clear that I've been busy with my study and my work, as the world hasn't seen a release in nearly a year. This is mostly due to the dynamic nature of the code - it automatically adapts to any new functionality that's added to Flickr, so no release is required then. This release adds some nifty new things:

  • Added functions to easily walk through sets and search results, querying Flickr no more than needed.

  • Uses the hashlib module, falling back to the md5 module when hashlib is unavailable.

  • Added locking token cache, in case a Flickr API key is used by multiple processes at the same time on the same machine (or shared filesystem)

  • Removed the deprecated fail_on_error parameter.

  • Implemented the auth_callback functionality.

Go to the Python Flickr API.

15 Nov
Python Flickr API 1.2 released

Today I released the Python Flickr API version 1.2. Originally the Python interface was made by Beej, and since it's seen many an improvement. Here's what's new in this version:

  • Added ElementTree support for Python 2.4.

  • Made ElementTree the default response parser.

  • The upload and replace methods now take a format parameter.

  • Removed deprecated methods.

  • Upload and replace methods no longer report progress on their callback regarding the HTTP headers.