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02 Nov
Hacking in Fallout 3 improved

Hacking of a security terminal in Fallout 3

Ever since I bought Fallout 3: New Vegas, I've been playing their hacking mini-game again. Of course I'm using my own hacking tool to help me. Today I made a small improvement: it now also suggests which words to try first. It picks the two words that are most different, and suggests you try those.

Check it out yourself!

19 Dec
Resting in NWN2: Storm of Zehir

The new Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion Storm of Zehir disallows resting in many areas. This is much more restrictive than what we're familiar with in other NWN2 campaigns - or any other D&D-based game, for that matter. Even after you clean out an entire dungeon, you're still not allowed to rest there.

The solution they give is the Stone of Alarm. It sounds an alarm when enemies get near, allowing you to shut your eyes and get some well deserved rest. Unfortunately, the stone works only once, and costs around 1000 gold pieces. I thought this to be rather lame - to have to pay 1000 gold for each rest is expensive, especially since we're used to always being able to rest.

My solution: unzip my altered Stone of Many Alarms ZIP file in your NWN2/Override directory, and buy a new Stone of Alarm or give it to yourself:

  1. press ~

  2. type "DebugMode 1", enter

  3. type "giveitem nx2_t_alarmstone 1", enter

  4. type "DebugMode 0", enter

  5. press ~

Enjoy resting like we're used to!

PS: the alarm stone fix by "player1" is also part of this new Stone of Many Alarms. Thanks player1!

Download the Stone of Many Alarms

08 Nov
Hacking in Fallout 3, even easier

Hacking in Fallout 3 has become easier than ever. Now all you need is this website and some typing and clicking. No more cracking your brains, no more hard and difficult counting and checking letters, it's all done for you!

06 Nov
Hacking in Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is my latest addiction. It's a great game by the makers of Oblivion. Part of the game is the hacking of computer terminals. It is basically a Master Mind game, but then with letters. You click on a word that shows up in a memory dump of the terminal you are trying to hack, and the terminal tells you how many letters are correct and in the correct place. Of course, a real hacker would write a program to solve the puzzle. So, here it is:

  #!/usr/bin/env python

known = {
    'detector': 1,

words = '''
detector carpeted declared detailed dramatic devoured demanded
sinister disposal revealed messages released remained defended
peaceful designed prisoner

words = set(words.split())

def dist(a, b):
    return sum(la == lb for (la, lb) in zip(a, b))

for k in known:
    for w in set(words):
        if dist(k, w) != known[k]:
print "Try any of:", ', '.join(words)

The variable words should be filled with all the words you see on the terminal screen. The known variable should contain a dictionary with the known information you got from the terminal. For example, if you pick those:

  • detector: 1/8 correct

  • demanded: 2/8 correct

then the known variable should be:

  known = {
    'detector': 1,
    'demanded': 2,

If you then run the program (using python fallout.py if you saved the script as fallout.py) it will tell you to try "carpeted" or "messages" as your next guess.

The script requires Python, which is installed by default on most Linux and MacOS systems and should be manually installed on Windows.

update: I have automated the hacking so you can easily use this website to make the sometimes difficult hacking a lot easier.