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08 Sep

Dit jaar zijn we weer naar Kroatië gegaan, en hebben we een heel aantal 360/180-graden panorama's geschoten. Daarnaast ook een hoop zwart-wit foto's met mijn Hasselblad 500 C/M. Hier onder vind je er alvast twee, de rest moet ik nog afdrukken en scannen.

Drowned treesOld water wheel

14 Mar
Skiing in Tirol

It snowed!

Marit and I went skiing in Kirchberg in Tirol. It was my first time skiing on actual snow (I've been skiing on a fake ski slope back when I was in highschool) and I loved it! Before going home we went to our friends in Frahels in the Bavarian Forest; we stayed in their hotel and had a very nice time. About 30 km from their hotel there is the Haus zur Wildnis ("Home for Wildlife") where we saw some magnificent lynx and wolves.

It took me a while, but I've finally taken the time to get the photos online.

23 Aug
Back from holiday


We're back from a 2.5 week holiday in France, including Corsica. It's been our first time in Corsica, and we loved it! The winding roads, the awesome nature, friendly people, it's been wonderful. Our new car Bennie held up just great, and was comfortable both on the long stretches and the tiniest mountain road.

Photos on Flickr and as slideshow. More will come online soon.

30 Aug
Back from summer holiday in France

Straw rolls in the French countryside

We're back from summer holiday. Actually, we've been back for about a week now, but I just finished captioning, editing and uploading all the photos. It's been a great trip, traveling through north, east and south of France. There are plenty of photos, and this time we tracked them using GPS, so you can find every shot on the map.

24 Jun
With Chess in London

Sime is ticklish

Chess is doing well. They brought us and our partners to London! Thanks Chess!

Of course, we made a few photos