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31 Jan
Lee-Ann & Jordan

Afgelopen oud & nieuw heb ik Jordan geholpen met het installeren van een foto-studio in z'n eigen kamer. Natuurlijk moesten we het uitproberen, en dit is het resultaat:


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01 Nov
Vlad Buda

Vlad #10

My friend Vlad trains at Raw Power Baarn. A few months ago I went to one of his training sessions, and I was very impressed by not only their strength of body but also of the mind. Vlad knows exactly what kind of signals his body sends, which pain he can push through, and when to stop.

Most of the photos I shot on Ilford Delta 3200. Back then I still used an old light meter that turned out to be very inaccurate in dark situations, so unfortunately the film was heavily underexposed. I'm quite happy with the result I got, though, it came out much better than I expected (after I did a lot of measurements and printed with the highest filtration for the most contrast).

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28 Jun
Ilford Delta 3200

I fell in love with Fuji Neopan 1600 film, only to hear that it'll be taken out of production soon (or already has been). Fortunately I could stack up on some rolls, but they'll run out eventually. To find an alternative, I tried Ilford Delta 3200, which turned out to be quite nice too, although it's a little too sensitive for my taste.

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