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08 Sep

Dit jaar zijn we weer naar Kroatië gegaan, en hebben we een heel aantal 360/180-graden panorama's geschoten. Daarnaast ook een hoop zwart-wit foto's met mijn Hasselblad 500 C/M. Hier onder vind je er alvast twee, de rest moet ik nog afdrukken en scannen.

Drowned treesOld water wheel

31 Aug
Summer in The Netherlands

Summer in The Netherlands

Here's this year's joke: summer. It's like last spring was confused and acted all summery, and summer, autumn and winter all think they're autumn.

Summer in The Netherlands

Still makes for good photos though ;-)

16 May
Awesome sheepies

Awesome Sheepies

We went shooting in one of the most beautiful and relaxing bits of the Dutch countryside. The photos didn't quite work out as I wanted to -- except for these two sheepies. They are teh awesome!

27 Jul

shoes / schoenen

We went to the northern part of Texel to get some nice images. My father's "assignment" for us was to think of a scenario for a detective / crime film.

the photos