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27 Jul
Trying out T-Max 400

One of my favourite photographers, Stephan Vanfleteren, seems to shoot Kodak T-Max 400 film (the film is labeled Kodak 400TMY as you can see in some of his portraits). I wanted to give the film a try too, so I met up with my friend and willing subject Matthijs for a Sunday morning photoshoot in the park. Here is the first result.

Matthijs #4

Another photo and my preliminary verdict after the break

15 Nov
Photoshoot with Janet

A week ago my friend Janet asked for a photographer on Facebook. The next day she stood in front of me, modeling outdoors in Amsterdam. I had packed all kind of gear - digital camera, flashes, light stands, umbrella, reflectors, analogue camera, the whole shebang. Only I had forgotten to bring any memory cards... so I left all the digital stuff in the bag, and only used my trusty Chinon CS with Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

I got the negatives developed and scanned, and here are the results!

Janet Duijn #15

More photos after the break

17 Jul
Lighting course a success

Today I gave my first lighting course, Strobist-style. As I've never done such a thing like that before it was a little unstructured. However, we were able to cover a lot of ground, and everybody went home feeling they had learned a lot. My friend Marc Faasse was friendly enough to let us rent his studio for the day, in the atmospheric NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam.

It was amazing to see how my students picked up on the techniques. They really enjoyed how their photos would come out better and better after each photo. I think I'll do more of those courses in the future!

The students' results:

And here are some of my photos, modeled by Patric:

Patric 1

Originally this photo was 2:3 in "portrait" orientation, but I felt it suited a square cut much better. Speedlite 430EX at low camera right. Shutter at max sync speed to block out all available light.

More photos after the break

28 Mar
Photoshoot with Rianne

Rianne with bricks

Yesterday Rianne and I did a photoshoot right in the heart of Amsterdam. From the red light district we moved to the busiest shopping street, the Kalverstraat. To cool down a bit we finished the shoot at the nature reserve Het Twiske.

To the photos!

21 Jul
Lisanne in Het Twiske

Hiding sunset... in a blue bikini

Last Thursday I took the lovely Lisanne to a nature reserve and we shot some great pictures. Of two of the photos, Hiding sunset... in a blue bikini and Lisanne on the tree I wrote some notes on how we made the photos.

Check the entire set! [Slideshow]

13 May
Urban Arching

Urban hunting

Last weekend we did a shot in an abandoned factory, then moved on to a park in Amsterdam near my house. It was such great fun!

You can browse through the set yourself, and there is also a slideshow if you don't want to click that much ;-)

06 Apr
Been vampire hunting

Oriana on a bad day...

We've been vampire hunting. It turns out that once you get past the danger of being sucked dry you can actually make some nice photos! Just sit back and enjoy the slide show