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05 Sep
Optreden Caro Emerald

Caro Emerald heeft zojuist opgetreden in Hoogwoud, en zij en haar band speelden heerlijk!

De set foto's op Flickr

15 Dec
Winterjazz in het Noorderpark


Elke vrijdag is er live jazz in de Noorderparkkamer. Klik op de foto voor meer foto's.

Slide show

24 May
Bl3nder CD presentation

Bl3nder | CD-presentatie Leipe Shit Ouwe!

I was hired to cover the presentation of Bl3nder's first album "Leipe Shit Ouwe!". Their performance was energetic and powerful, and I think it shows in the photos.


12 Dec
The Soundabout performing in Buk Buk

I'll be performing as the drummer of my band The Soundabout in Buk Buk, Heiloo, this evening. We're a ska/funk/reggae band, and play as support act for De Skatjes.

Buk Buk is easy to reach by train, only a two minute walk from the train station. The doors open at 21h, we play at 22h and De Skatjes start at 23h. Damage: €5,-

30 Aug
Bl3nder at Uitmarkt

Bl3nder | Cyril Directie

De Uitmarkt is the opening of the cultural season in Amsterdam. We went to see Bl3nder, and they totally rocked! It was the first time I saw Def P (the world's best rapper) live, and it was everything I hoped for :) Their drummer was absolutely amazing!

Of course, I've taken a few shots