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21 Apr
I'm a PhD!

Yesterday I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science at the Universiteit Utrecht, on the subject of the simulation of dense crowds. Of course my thesis Dense Crowds of Virtual Humans is available online!

08 Sep

Dit jaar zijn we weer naar Kroatië gegaan, en hebben we een heel aantal 360/180-graden panorama's geschoten. Daarnaast ook een hoop zwart-wit foto's met mijn Hasselblad 500 C/M. Hier onder vind je er alvast twee, de rest moet ik nog afdrukken en scannen.

Drowned treesOld water wheel

20 Oct
I'm going to do a PhD!

Last Monday I went for a job interview at Universiteit Utrecht. Later that day I received a phone call from my to-be-promoter telling me I'm hired! So starting this December, my life will be radically different. I'm looking forward to it :)

06 Jul
Lee-Ann's birthday

My friend Lee-Ann had her birthday party last weekend; she got the mythical age of 10! Of course we celebrated until deep into the night (really! She's a monster, only got tired at 1:30!). We had a party tent, barbecue and a nice fire going, and to capture the atmosphere I took a 360° panorama.

Lee-Ann's birthday party

Here you can see both versions of the same photo - I made a "streetview" image as well as a miniature planet. The photo was made from 92 individual photos, HDR-merged and stitched with Hugin.

Drag your mouse to look up, down, left or right. Scroll to zoom. Double-click for full screen.

Image hosted by Flickr.

02 Sep
I'm a Master of Science

Yesterday I received my certificate from the Utrecht University! I'm now officially a Master of Science or Magister Scientiæ in Computer Science.

23 Jun

Last monday I defended my thesis and succeeded! I got an 8.5 (out of 10) as the grade, with which I'm very happy. This finalizes my Game & Media Technology computer science master at the Utrecht University.

The title is Stride Space: Humanoid walking animation interpolation using 3D Delaunay databases.


Precise control over foot placement during character locomotion is crucial to avoid obstacle collision and to produce natural results. We present a new exact parameterization technique for generating humanoid walking animations. Given a database of pre-recorded motion capture data we generate new animations using a spanning neighbours search in a Delaunay database and interpolating those neighbours. Our approach results in exact foot placement while soft constraints such as timing are also taken in account, due to a novel blend candidates selection strategy. We show that this can be done very efficiently as to be compatible with real-time applications.

You can download my thesis from https://stuvel.eu/files/publication/stride_space.pdf

23 Mar
Pas op: scammers via de telefoon

Ik werd net opgebeld door een of andere toko in Zurich (zeggen ze). Ik dacht nog even dat het een geintje was van een vriend die uit Zwitserland komt, maar snel bleek het toch echt een computersysteem te zijn. Ik heb ook af en toe gewacht met antwoord geven, en daar hebben ze ook rekening mee gehouden - ze pushen je dan alleen maar harder voor informatie. De catch: ze beloven miljoenen maar je moet wel even 30 euro per maand betalen.

Tip van de dag: als iemand je opbelt en vraagt met wie hij spreekt, geef daar nooit antwoord op. Iemand die jou belt hoort zelf te weten wie hij belt.

Het hele gesprek heb ik opgenomen en natuurlijk kan je 't hier beluisteren.

26 Oct
New PGP key

I have superseded my old key with a new PGP key. Please import the revocation certificate for the old key and the new key.

08 Sep
Game sale

We verkopen een aantal van onze spellen via Marktplaats. Ze zijn allemaal in goede tot zeer goede staat. Neem een kijkje, want goedkoper tref je ze niet!

23 Aug
Back from holiday


We're back from a 2.5 week holiday in France, including Corsica. It's been our first time in Corsica, and we loved it! The winding roads, the awesome nature, friendly people, it's been wonderful. Our new car Bennie held up just great, and was comfortable both on the long stretches and the tiniest mountain road.

Photos on Flickr and as slideshow. More will come online soon.

30 Aug
Back from summer holiday in France

Straw rolls in the French countryside

We're back from summer holiday. Actually, we've been back for about a week now, but I just finished captioning, editing and uploading all the photos. It's been a great trip, traveling through north, east and south of France. There are plenty of photos, and this time we tracked them using GPS, so you can find every shot on the map.