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31 Jul
Portretten in het park

21 juli werden bij de Noorderparkbar liefdesliedjes gedraaid door Döske en liefdesstoelen gepresenteerd door Marc. Een uitgelegen moment om wat intieme portretten te maken.


31 Jan
Lee-Ann & Jordan

Afgelopen oud & nieuw heb ik Jordan geholpen met het installeren van een foto-studio in z'n eigen kamer. Natuurlijk moesten we het uitproberen, en dit is het resultaat:


Klik voor nog een foto...

01 Nov
Vlad Buda

Vlad #10

My friend Vlad trains at Raw Power Baarn. A few months ago I went to one of his training sessions, and I was very impressed by not only their strength of body but also of the mind. Vlad knows exactly what kind of signals his body sends, which pain he can push through, and when to stop.

Most of the photos I shot on Ilford Delta 3200. Back then I still used an old light meter that turned out to be very inaccurate in dark situations, so unfortunately the film was heavily underexposed. I'm quite happy with the result I got, though, it came out much better than I expected (after I did a lot of measurements and printed with the highest filtration for the most contrast).

More photos

27 Jul
Trying out T-Max 400

One of my favourite photographers, Stephan Vanfleteren, seems to shoot Kodak T-Max 400 film (the film is labeled Kodak 400TMY as you can see in some of his portraits). I wanted to give the film a try too, so I met up with my friend and willing subject Matthijs for a Sunday morning photoshoot in the park. Here is the first result.

Matthijs #4

Another photo and my preliminary verdict after the break

15 Nov
Photoshoot with Janet

A week ago my friend Janet asked for a photographer on Facebook. The next day she stood in front of me, modeling outdoors in Amsterdam. I had packed all kind of gear - digital camera, flashes, light stands, umbrella, reflectors, analogue camera, the whole shebang. Only I had forgotten to bring any memory cards... so I left all the digital stuff in the bag, and only used my trusty Chinon CS with Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

I got the negatives developed and scanned, and here are the results!

Janet Duijn #15

More photos after the break

24 Nov
New website


My old website has been online for april 2006. Since that time it has grown considerably. My focus also moved from software engineering to photography, and this new design makes that a lot clearer. Some of the webpages may not yet be available. Don't worry, most of it will be ported in the next few weeks. If you're missing something, let me know and I'll give it priority.

I've also put the photos online of a photoshoot with model Selina. This was the first time for me doing a model-shoot with my old Flexaret IV twin-lens reflex medium format camera. I must say I'm very pleased with the result! Having only 12 frames on a roll is a nice break from shooting with a 7 FPS digital SLR.

19 Apr
Strobist meeting

Yesterday Ork and I went to a Strobist meeting in Breukelen, The Netherlands. We had a lot of fun, joining 18 photographers and 16 models, in an old abandoned industrial building. Fervently used by graffiti artists and as an illegal dumping site for tires it was quite a nice setting.

Browse through the set or sit back and enjoy the slideshow. I'll post more photos in the coming days.

Dirty Toilet Tamara wrecks the place A high throne

Most photos of the meeting can be found in the Dutch Strobist pool and all should be tagged too.

20 Feb
Bloody Marit

Bloody Marit II

This photo was made in an old ship factory in Amsterdam Noord (the NDSM Wharf). We picked a suitable old and faded green wall as the background, set up the lights, and started shooting.

The key lights are two Canon Speedlite 430EX strobes. They were pointed up into tall U-shaped corrugated cardboard sheets that were lined with aluminium foil to form DIY strip lights; both strobes were set to 1/4 power. The fill light was provided by a Speedlite 580EX-II at 1/16 power through a shoot-through umbrella.

I shot with my Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM on a Canon EOS 7D. The 1.6x crop factor makes this a very nice portrait lens. The aperture was f/8 to get sufficiently deep depth of field and sharp results, and the shutter speed of 1/250 second ensured that no available light got onto the sensor.

Setup shot for Bloody Marit

Here is a wide shot that shows the setup. I used the 7D as the master, and I was surprised how well it worked. Because I used my 85mm f/1.8 I could move back a little (compared to my standard 17-55mm zoom), which made the slave strobes more into the "field of view" of the popup flash. The 430EX's "looked" at Marit instead of my camera, so I added some aluminium foil to bounce the master flash into their IR sensors.

Thank you for reading!

20 Dec
It's really winter

Jojo in the snow

Well waddayano, even with all the global warming we can get a few days' worth of real winter in The Netherlands. Clogged up public transportation, taking corners sideways with our car, and a beautiful white world.

Photos and slide show.

21 Jul
Lisanne in Het Twiske

Hiding sunset... in a blue bikini

Last Thursday I took the lovely Lisanne to a nature reserve and we shot some great pictures. Of two of the photos, Hiding sunset... in a blue bikini and Lisanne on the tree I wrote some notes on how we made the photos.

Check the entire set! [Slideshow]

24 May
Bl3nder CD presentation

Bl3nder | CD-presentatie Leipe Shit Ouwe!

I was hired to cover the presentation of Bl3nder's first album "Leipe Shit Ouwe!". Their performance was energetic and powerful, and I think it shows in the photos.


13 May
Urban Arching

Urban hunting

Last weekend we did a shot in an abandoned factory, then moved on to a park in Amsterdam near my house. It was such great fun!

You can browse through the set yourself, and there is also a slideshow if you don't want to click that much ;-)

06 Apr
Been vampire hunting

Oriana on a bad day...

We've been vampire hunting. It turns out that once you get past the danger of being sucked dry you can actually make some nice photos! Just sit back and enjoy the slide show

20 Nov
Visit to Artis


Today we went to Artis again - the Amsterdam zoo. I just love shooting animals!

12 Oct
With Daniel V. in Amsterdam

Feeding the pigeons

Daniel V, a guy from Romania, was in need of a battery charger in Haarlem, The Netherlands. He contacted me because I posted in the Haarlem Flickr group. The next day he visited me in my home town Amsterdam, and we took a stroll through the city centre.

[ photos... ]

27 Jul

shoes / schoenen

We went to the northern part of Texel to get some nice images. My father's "assignment" for us was to think of a scenario for a detective / crime film.

the photos