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15 Nov
Gursky world

“when you're looking with your eyes, it doesn’t mean you’re seeing.” – Andreas Gursky

The video below is a 23-minute documentary by Ben Lewis, about the German photographer Andreas Gursky. Lewis tries to find out what makes a Gursky a Gursky, and in the mean time learns about the man behind the photos.

Ben Lewis - Gursky World from TofuTasties on Vimeo.

Thanks to Stephen Schaub of The Figital Revolution for posting about this. Very inspiring!

17 Dec
The Soundabout on Vimeo

My band The Soundabout can now be seen live on Vimeo and Youtube! This is part of our performance at the Emergenza festival in Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam. Next April we'll be playing in the next round of the band competition at P60 in Amstelveen.

You can't see much of me in this video - I'm the guy behind the drums ;-)

Turn up the volume and enjoy our music!

08 Apr
Fighting for Umlaut

For my Master of Science course in Game & Media Technology at the Utrecht University I had to make another 3D animation. This time the focus was on more traditional animation techniques such as stretch-and-squash.

Fighting for Umlaut from Sybren A. Stüvel on Vimeo.

The assignment was to make a 3D animation with your last name playing a role. I chose this particular subject as many, many computer programmers are having a hard time separating UTF-8 from Latin-1, which renders my last name as Stüvel :(

29 Oct

For the Utrecht University I made a short animation called Pong. together with two fellow students. We used Blender to add models to the MoCap data we recorded, and rendered with Blender + Multiblend.

Pong from Sybren A. Stüvel on Vimeo.