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18 Jan
New website & Python-RSA 3.3

You won't notice it, but you're now on my new website. The look is still the same, but under the hood a lot has changed. This includes the blog being fixed again, so that I can actually write new posts! Can you imagine, I didn't blog a single thing in 2015.... well, that'll change.

Python-RSA 3.3 has been released! This release fixes a security leak, which was filed under CVE-2016-1494. As always, you can get the new version from the Python Package Index.

20 Jan
Comments via Disqus

My blog has been targeted by spammers for years. The last months spam has been on the rise, so I finally got fed up with it and replaced my home-grown comment system with Disqus. Old comments are still there, new ones will be using Disqus instead.

02 Nov
Hacking in Fallout 3 improved

Hacking of a security terminal in Fallout 3

Ever since I bought Fallout 3: New Vegas, I've been playing their hacking mini-game again. Of course I'm using my own hacking tool to help me. Today I made a small improvement: it now also suggests which words to try first. It picks the two words that are most different, and suggests you try those.

Check it out yourself!

17 Jun
Python vs. Java revisited


Back in 2008 I wrote a small post about Python vs. Java. I've revamped it by adding more detail, and tossed in a primer on list comprehensions for free. I hope that once you've read that you're convinced that list comprehensions are a Good Thing.

And as an added bonus, I extended my website so that it can do syntax highlighting!

On to the article!

13 Mar
Nu ook op Google Maps

Stüvel Fotografie staat nu ook als "place" op Google Maps, zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels!

Stüvel Photography is now a "place" on Google Maps, both in Dutch as in English!

24 Nov
New website


My old website has been online for april 2006. Since that time it has grown considerably. My focus also moved from software engineering to photography, and this new design makes that a lot clearer. Some of the webpages may not yet be available. Don't worry, most of it will be ported in the next few weeks. If you're missing something, let me know and I'll give it priority.

I've also put the photos online of a photoshoot with model Selina. This was the first time for me doing a model-shoot with my old Flexaret IV twin-lens reflex medium format camera. I must say I'm very pleased with the result! Having only 12 frames on a roll is a nice break from shooting with a 7 FPS digital SLR.

14 Mar
Updated my portfolio

I've just updated my portfolio so I invite you all to take a look!

04 Jul
Added comment ability

It is now possible to comment on news items! Soon I'll also add backlinks from software and articles to relevant news items, so you can easily find the comments or post your own. Hopefully this will add some interaction to this website. I love to know what you think of it!

For some reason this post attracts a lot of spammers, so commenting on this particular post has been disabled.