Awesome Sheepies

Most of my photos are licensed with a Creative Commons licence. It means that you are free to copy, distribute or display them, under the following conditions:

  • Attribution — You must give me credit as the photographer.
  • Non-Commercial — You may not use the photos for commercial purposes.
  • No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

This is just the default licence, so all of the above restrictions can be waived. Contact me for such a waiver. Many of my photos are hosted on Flickr, where each photo page contains the specific licence information for that photo.

When no licence information is clearly visible, it is safe to assume that it is under regular copyright. Just contact me (info on the right) if you want to use a photo.


All the software on this website, unless when explicitly stated otherwise, is licensed under the GNU Public Licence. This licence is designed to ensure the software remains free. When I talk about free software I talk about freedom, not price. If someone wants to charge money for the software and people are willing to pay for it, let them do so. It would be nice if I saw something of that money too, but that's up to you.

Everybody is free to download and use the software, to make copies and distribute them, to improve the software and distribute those improved versions. This licence is designed to ensure that those freedoms can not be taken away.


The written content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Basically it is the same licence as on my photos.