Multiblend changelog

Below, you'll find the changelog of Multiblend. It contains all changes worth mentioning since the first release.


2009-04-08, version 1.4

  • Display timing info after rendering.
  • Added -E option to skip existing frames.
  • Smarter distribution of frames.
  • Implemented simpler logging.
  • Verifies that the output directory exists before rendering.
  • Added 'cachesync' executable that can distribute the Blender cache directory (such as used with particle systems) to nodes.
  • Removed use of the md5 module when using Python 2.6 or newer.
  • Replaced the popen2 module with the subprocess module. This limits the compatibility of Multiblend to Python 2.4 or newer on the master node.
  • Split the implementation into several modules to increase maintainability and insulation of the parts.

2006-05-29, version 1.3

  • Added possibility to select the scene to render.
  • Added nice level to the config possibilities.
  • Added possibility to skip node testing.
  • Fixed chunk size bug when number of nodes is larger than number of frames to render.
  • Fixed encoding bug when stdout is not a terminal.
  • Start 'sh' immediately on the node. This prevents 'last logged in on ...' messages upon login, and thus improves compatability with different systems.
  • Added echoing_node to the config possibilities.

2006-05-10, version 1.2

  • No longer need NFS, files are copied via scp instead. This does add the requirement that all external files (fonts, textures, etc.) either should be already available on the nodes, or be packed inside the Blender file.
  • Removed the special hostname LOCAL. In its stead, just use hostname=localhost. This made the code more stable and clean.

2006-05-01, version 1.1

  • The used chunk size now is the maximum of the configured chunk size, and the number of frames to render divided by the number of nodes. This tries to ensure all nodes are used, even for a small number of rendered frames.
  • Logging prints node hostname instead of number.
  • Pressing Ctrl+C will properly terminate Blender on all nodes.