UT - Mutators

Those are all Unreal Tournament mutators. Perhaps with a little modification they might work on newer versions of the game, but I can't help you there. Perhaps when UT2005/6/7 has been released, and Epic has written a cross-platform editor, I'll work further on them.

Only the latest versions of the (once) popular mods are listed here. You can always take a look in the files directory to see if it contains what you're looking for.

Monster Madness

Monster Madness is the most popular of the mutators here. It adds monsters from Unreal's single player game to any gametype. Killing them will give you a frag, killing a Titan or a Warlord will give you 3 frags because they are so much harder to kill.

There are a lot of configuration options, all accessable from a nice GUI inside the game. This includes the ability to select which monsters will show up.

This mutator was ranked a 9.3 of 10 by Modsquad.

External Sniper

You're a sniper on the red team. Zoomed in, and ready for your fifth head-shot in a row. Suddenly, your view is totally blurred by a blue haze, and before you can zoom out to actually see the bad guy standing in front of you, his flak cannon has already blown to pieces.

I guess this happened to everybody at some point. With this mod, problems like these are gone. Your sniper rifle will have a display with a nice zoomed-in view: the External Sniper Display (ESD). I saw this in a demo of the game BattleZone, and then I knew I had found a theme for a great mod.

Sticky grenades

This mutator replaces all Flak Cannons with Sticky Cannons. The primary fire is the same as that of a flak cannon, only it fires a little faster. The secondary fire spits out pointy grenades that stick to players and walls/floors/ceilings etc.

The cannon itself requires quite a different strategy, because you can't really run after your grenades. It is quite nice though, to stick a few of those pointy fellows into your opponent, and see them blown to pieces from several yards away :-) The grenades explode when damaged, so you can create a chain reaction by placing multiple grenades together ie. on a wall, and then shoot them with the rocket launcher.


I always liked Duke Nukem 3D. One of the nice things was the shrink-gun. Well, here it is, for Unreal Tournament! You aren't able to squish small opponents (yet), though. When a player is shrunk, he:

  • Walks slower
  • Jumps lower
  • Causes less damage
  • Receives more damage

After a period of time a shrunk player will grow back to his/her original size.


A while before writing this mutator, I played Quake 3 Arena for the first time. I noticed that all players start with 125% health, and if you have more than 100% heath, it slowly drops. I think it is fair to give a freshly spawned player a little more time to find some useful items. Since I like Unreal Tournament a lot more, I wrote a mutator which mimics this behaviour.

I've also written a very small tutorial on QHealth. It is small, for the simple reason this mutator is only 25 lines long!