Unreal Tournament Tutorials

Those tutorials are all written by me, Sybren a.k.a. MeltDown. They are pretty old, from the time of the original Unreal Tournament. Even from before I wrote UClasses! Anyway, the info should still work on UT, UT2003 and UT2004.

If you find bugs, or if you have comments, let me know!

Compiling tips

In this tutorial I will give some tips for optimal coding comfort.

External Sniper

I have finished my first good and complete mutator: the External Sniper. As promised, here is a full rundown of the code. It deals with: changing the HUD, using UWindows, using configuration files and creating network-safe mutators.

Some vehicle tips

Steven L. Cox from alt.games.unreal.tournament played alot of ONS some weekend, would like to share some thoughts about the efficient usage of vehicles. I archived them here.

Using Umod files

This tutorial will explain how to use & install Umod files. These topics will be explained:

  1. Installing a .umod file
  2. Known errors
  3. After installing the .umod file: what next?

Simple MOD part 1

Ever wanted to notify everyone that someone has entered a certain room? I did, when editting the DM-GoreCage level. The idea for this level was to create a room you can enter from different ways, but where the only exit was in death. It would be nice if people actually knew you were in that room so you won't hang around there 'till someone accidentally passed by. So I created the NotifyTrigger. This tutorial will explain exactly how and why I did this.

Simple MOD part 2

I've just read something on the speed of UScript. It seems that the usage of "foreach AllActors" is quite slow, because it iterates ALL actors. Since I just wanted to send a message to all players, and not to any other actor, there is a much faster way.


Want to alter the health of a player? Then this is the tutorial for you. It's quite short, because it is based on my QHealth mutator, which is also very small ;-)

Monster Madness

I wanted to add Unreal 1 monsters to the UT world. This tutorial learns you how it can be done, and how to manage your monsters to make sure they respawn, and that the scores are right. As you might have guessed, it is based on my Monster Madness mutator.


Having trouble with your manifest.ini file? Here's the sanity.