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Beat Saber has a Party Mode, which as the name implies, is great for parties. One issue I have with it is that it stores the best 10 highscores, regardless of who obtained that highscore. So, if the best player plays a map 10 times, all the other players’ highscores are gone. Personally I’d much rather have it only remember each player’s highest score.

BeatStripper runs outside of BeatSaber and removes all but the highest score of each player from the Party Mode scores. Just run the executable, and it should find the score file and update it.

As a bonus, it also capitalises the player names.

Get BeatStripper

Just extract the ZIP and run beatstripper-v{version}.exe.

Solo scores in Party mode

Have you ever wanted to know what score you got in Solo mode, while actually playing in Party Mode? Beat Stripper has an optional feature that makes this possible.

Set up a shortcut that runs beatstripper.exe -solo, run it, and it’ll copy your solo scores into party mode.

First time you run it you’ll have to give your name. This will get “(solo)” appended to it, so typing the name “Sybren” will result in “Sybren (solo)” in the Party Mode leaderboards.

Help & Feedback

If you have any problems with it, please let me know via a bug report on the GitLab project page or my contact form.

Supported Platforms

BeatStripper is only available on Windows right now, as that’s the platform I use to play the game. There is also a build for Linux, so if you use that and it works (or not), let me know! On macOS, I have no clue where the file LocalLeaderboards.dat can be found; if you do, let me know and I can add support for that platform.

Supported Versions

Every version of BeatStripper supports only a few versions of BeatSaber. The data files sometimes change format, and when that happens, a new version of BeatStripper will be released.

If you want to have support for an older game version in a newer BeatStripper, contact me.

Since the release of BeatStripper v4.2 I’ve kept track of which version of the game is supported:

BeatStripper supports BeatSaber
v7.0 v1.17.0+
v6.0 v1.15.0+
v5.0 v1.14.0
v4.2 v1.13.4
v4.1 and older not sure, older than v1.13.4