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This is my blog. It may have something for you.

New Website Section: Electronics

I just added a new section to this website, showing off my electronics projects.

webp presets

The WebP image formats has a few presets. In this blog post I explain what they mean.

Compose Key on Windows

A shout-out to WinCompose, which makes typing anything that’s not directly on your keyboard a lot easier.

Flatterer v1.5 released

Workflow and GUI improvements

Gitea Pull Requests

This is a snippet of Fish Shell script I use to easily get Blender pull requests onto my computer.

Gitea Easy Linking

A Greasemonkey script to copy document links and titles on

Flatterer v1.4 released

With an improved GUI and support for engraving!

Flatterer v1.3 released

I bought a laser cutter, and of course I want to use Blender to make cuttable designs. A new version of the add-on I made for this, Flatterer, has just been released.

Keychron Function Keys on Linux

The F1-F12 keys on my Keychron K5 SE keyboard don’t work properly on Ubuntu Linux. In this post I explain how to solve this.

Learning to Draw

I’m learning how to draw with an iPad and an Apple Pencil. My intent is also to have more hand-drawn illustrations on my website and in presentations.