dr. Sybren A. Stüvel

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel

Open Source software developer, photographer, drummer


Hi, I’m Sybren Stüvel. I work as Blender developer, where I oversee the Animation module, and work on pipeline tooling, the dependency graph, and the integration of various file formats. Apart from my work on Blender, I also develop various other Open Source projects, such as Python-RSA and Skyfill.

On this website you’ll also find other nerdy things, like my own DIY electronics projects, my photography stuff, and my archive of UnrealTower, my old Unreal Tournament modding site.

Recent Posts

Phabricator List Count

A Greasemonkey script to show list sizes on developer.blender.org

Skyfill v1.2 released

Version v1.2 of Skyfill has been released, with 16-bit and AdobeRGB support.

Comments on Scripting for Artists

Nico Zevallos extracted notes from my Python training series Scripting for Artists.


I added a new spherical panorama to my website at https://stuvelfoto.nl/panorama/zwijnenbergerweg/

My ZSH configuration

A while ago I moved from Bash to ZSH, and never looked back. In this post I show bits & pieces of my ZSH setup.