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Gitea Pull Requests

This is a snippet of Fish Shell script I use to easily get Blender pull requests onto my computer.

Light Intensity Tool

This tool can create mappings from perceived light intensity to power levels. I use it all the time for electronics projects, to map from potentiometer position to the PWM value for dimming LEDs.

Fish & Gits

My Fish shell and Git configurations

Code in MarkDown

In this blog post I show how to properly put code in MarkDown-based systems, such as Discord, Blender.Chat, and various forums.

Adding support for ATmega328PB to AVR-GCC and AVRDude

GCC misses support for the ATmega328PB, even though it supports the older ATmega328P. This post explains how to modernise it by adding ATmega328PB support.

Build before Debug in VSCode

For debugging Blender I have set up VSCode such that it builds Blender whenever I start the debugger.

Home Automation

Blablabla ESP32.

Ten reasons I don't like Visual Studio

For my work I’m using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS) to write our C++ code. There are so many things wrong with this IDE that I just had to write this post.

Extending Selenium from the client driver

Selenium is a web page testing tool that we use a lot at my work. It can be extended by supplying it with a user-extensions.js file. We’re extending our test application to include support for Selenium Grid.

Multiple instances of QApplication in one process

I’m working on a PyQt 4 application for my employer Chess. Of course I’m writing plenty of unit tests for it as well. Those tests have to be cleanly separated from each other, so every test that requires the entire application to be up and running should have its own instance.