Gitea Pull Requests

Since Blender moved to Gitea I’ve struggled a bit with the pull requests workflow. Getting contributors’ changes onto my machine wasn’t as simple as I wanted it to be. So, I wrote a little shell script to make my life easier.

The functions below I store in ~/.config/fish/conf.d/ Once they’re installed, I have these commands at my, well…, command:

Update 2024-04-03: I’ve started to track those scripts at my profile space. Go there to get the latest versions.

pr NUMBER [-o owner] [-r repo]

I can just type pr NUMBER to get a Blender pull request, for example pr 104512. It will:

  • Create a branch named PR/104512/author-branch
  • If that branch already existed, it gets removed before creating a brand new one.
  • Pull in the changes from the PR.
  • The options -o and -r are optional, and both default to blender. I use this for Flamenco pull requests, for example, like pr -o studio -r flamenco 12345.

The branch is named like this so that I can easily find it back later.

Update 2023-03-06: addition of the -o and -r options.


This removes all the branches named PR/.... I use it to periodically clean things up.

The code

Store this snippet in ~/.config/fish/conf.d/

function pr -d "Pull in a Blender pull request"
    # Set defaults
    set _flag_owner blender
    set _flag_repo blender

    argparse 'o/owner=' 'r/repo=' -- $argv
    or return 48

    set PRNUM $argv[1]

    set JSON "pr-$PRNUM.json"
    set URL "{$_flag_owner}/{$_flag_repo}/pulls/$PRNUM"
    curl -s -o$JSON $URL
    or return 49

    set PR_STATUS (jq -r .state <$JSON)
    if [ (jq -r .merged <$JSON) = "true" ]
        printf "\033[92mPR is already merged, check $URL\033[0m\n"
        echo "Merged at:" (jq -r .merged_at <$JSON)
        echo "Merged by:" (jq -r .merged_by.full_name <$JSON)
        return 51
    if [ (jq -r .state <$JSON) = "closed" ]
        printf "\033[91mPR is closed, check $URL\033[0m\n"
        return 50

    set PR_NUM (jq -r .number <$JSON)
    set PR_TITLE (jq -r .title <$JSON)
    printf "\033[95mPulling #$PR_NUM: $PR_TITLE\033[0m\n"

    set PR_REPO (jq -r .head.repo.full_name <$JSON)   # "ChrisLend/blender"
    set PR_AUTHOR (jq -r .head.repo.owner.username <$JSON)   # "ChrisLend"
    set PR_BRANCH (jq -r .head.ref <$JSON) # "vertical_scrolling_offscreen"

    printf "\033[90mIncoming branch: $PR_REPO\033[0m\n"
    printf "\033[90mLocal branch   : $LOCAL_BRANCH\033[0m\n"

    rm -f $JSON

    set CURBRANCH (git branch --show-current 2>/dev/null)
    if test "$CURBRANCH" != "main";
        git checkout main
    if git branch | grep -q $LOCAL_BRANCH;
        printf "\033[95mBranch $LOCAL_BRANCH exists, going to refresh it\033[0m\n"
        git branch -D $LOCAL_BRANCH
        printf "\033[96mBranch $LOCAL_BRANCH does not exist\033[0m\n"

    git checkout -b $LOCAL_BRANCH main; or return 47
    git pull --ff --commit$PR_REPO $PR_BRANCH; or return 48

    printf "\033[95mBranch $LOCAL_BRANCH is ready for use\033[0m\n"
    printf "\033[94mPulled #$PR_NUM: $PR_TITLE\033[0m\n"

function prprune -d "Delete all PR/* branches"
    set BRANCHES (string trim (git branch | grep '^  PR/'))
    if test -z "$BRANCHES";
        echo "No PR branches to prune"
        return 0
    git branch -D $BRANCHES

Note that I wrote similar code for Phabricator in my Fish and Gits post, which also shows more of my Git config.

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
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