Skyfill v1.2 released

Version v1.2 of Skyfill has been released, with 16-bit and AdobeRGB support.

Miniature Planets

I've added miniature planets to my photography website

Slovenia & Croatia spherical panorama pack in Blender Cloud

Last year we went on holiday to Slovenia & Croatia (mentioned here in chronological order of visiting) and made a set of 360°x180° panorama photos. They are available as high dynamic range EXR files on Blender Cloud.

Skyfill v1.1 released

Version v1.1 of Skyfill has been released. The most important improvement is that it now also supports full-white as fill colour for the sky.

Skyfill released!

Most drones (UAVs) cannot look straight up to photograph the sky above them. As a result, spherical panoramas made with drones tend to have a gap in the sky. Some drones, like my DJI Mavic 2, can fill in this gap automatically while generating a preview.

Panoramas: two terraces

UPDATE 2019: The panoramas are currently broken, I’ll get around to fix it some time in the future. I just put two new 360/180 degree panoramas online, of places very well suited for an exquisite dinner.

Print Chuck

Panorama of Amsterdam Noord Alex over at Print Chuck is using my FlickrAPI implementation on their website. He offered me a free print as a thank you note for writing the software!

360-panorama: Sint Bavo Church

/* *//* */ var pano = new pano2vrPlayer("pano_idm8900688"); var skin = new pano2vrSkin(pano, '/media/360/'); pano.readConfigUrl("/media/360/2011-08-06-st_bavo/360-kerk_fused_out.xml"); Fokker, when he was 21 years old, flew a plane over Haarlem, around the Sint Bavo church.

360-panorama: Fokker Spin

UPDATE 2019: I have to fix the panorama viewer. /* *//* */ var pano = new pano2vrPlayer("pano_idm3962928"); var skin = new pano2vrSkin(pano, '/media/360/'); pano.readConfigUrl("/media/360/2011-08-06-spin/pano.xml"); Fokker, when he was 21 years old, flew one of these planes over Haarlem, around the Sint Bavo church.

Fotofestival Naarden

UPDATE 2019: The photo on Flickr doesn’t seem to be recognised as panorama any more. Fotofestival Naarden was really awesome. The photos by Stephan Vanfleteren were amazing. He’ll be an inspiration for my future portraits.