Skyfill v1.5 released

Version v1.5 of Skyfill has been released. The most important improvement is the addition of a mirror ball mode. The mirror ball reflects the ground, resulting in a mini planet version of the panorama hanging in the sky. To see what it looks like, check these tulip fields and be sure to look up.

Apart from the mirror ball, performance has been improved, so even normal Sky-filling will be faster.

Get Skyfill

You can grab your copy at Gitlab, and read how to use the mirror ball feature in the documentation

Most drones (UAVs) cannot look straight up to photograph the sky above them. As a result, spherical panoramas made with drones tend to have a gap in the sky. Some drones, like my DJI Mavic 2, can fill in this gap automatically while generating a preview. However, when I stitch the photos myself to get a better quality output, there is still that sky gap. I got fed up with having to choose between a nice sky or a nice overall image, so I did what developers do and made my own software: Skyfill.

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
Open Source software developer, photographer, drummer, and electronics tinkerer