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Mini Planet

Turn 360-degree panorama photos into a mini planet.

Photography Techniques

In this section I describe some of the photography techniques I developed over the years. For now it’s about my panorama photos. If you want to see what I made, check out my panorama gallery.

Spherical Panoramas Explained

In this article I describe my workflow for creating beautiful spherical panoramas.

Spherical Panoramas

This page describes my workflow for spherical panoramas made from a tripod on the ground. The goal is to produce a panorama photo covering 360° horizontally and 180° vertically. The photo will be of normal dynamic range, such that it can be viewed in an image viewer, embedded on a website, or shown in a VR set.

Skyfill v1.5 released

Version v1.5 of Skyfill has been released. The most important improvement is the addition of a mirror ball mode.

Skyfill v1.2 released

Version v1.2 of Skyfill has been released, with 16-bit and AdobeRGB support.


I added a new spherical panorama to my website at

Drone Panoramas Explained

My workflow for creating spherical panoramas with my drone is working quite well for me.

Drone Panoramas

This page describes my workflow for spherical panoramas made with my drone. A drone panorama, taken near camping Slapić and the river Mrežnica, Croatia. © 2019 Sybren A. Stüvel. Taking the Photos My drone is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Miniature Planets

I've added miniature planets to my photography website