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Keychron Function Keys on Linux

The F1-F12 keys on my Keychron K5 SE keyboard don't work properly on Ubuntu Linux. In this post I explain how to solve this.

My ZSH configuration

A while ago I moved from Bash to ZSH, and never looked back. In this post I show bits & pieces of my ZSH setup.

Duplicating audio with ALSA

On Linux the most used sound system is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, ALSA for short. It’s a very configurable system, but it’s not easy to dig down far enough to get to its power.

Cleaning up an Ubuntu system

Ubuntu uses quite a nifty package manager. It keeps track of which file belongs to which package. Not only that - it also keeps track of which packages you requested, and which were installed as a dependency.

Bridged networking in KVM

One of the advantages of VMWare is that it has easy to set up bridged networking. However, I love Open Source so I started to experiment with KVM, the Kernel-based Virtual Machine.

Selecting NVidia screens on commandline

NVidia has a nice program to manage display devices like monitors, TVs etc. I’ve used this often to play movies on my PC and watch them on our big wide screen LCD TV.

Tilt wheel & Logitech mx610

I’ve got a Logitech MX610 cordless laser mouse. One of its nicer features is a tilt wheel. Unfortunately, this is still difficult to get working in Ubuntu Linux. The problems:

Plucker-build and Ubuntu

Plucker is a PDB (Palm e-book documents) reader and creator. I use it to convert HTML files to PDB format, so that I can comfortly read them on my PDA. Plucker is part of Ubuntu’s “universe” repository, but it installs rather crippled.

BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0

I just got me a brand new HP Pavillion DV9000 series laptop. Today, all of a sudden it refused to boot. This message was shown on the console while booting:

Sound card ordering in Ubuntu

UPDATE 2019: unfortinately the article I link below has been taken offline, and by now I have no idea what was in there. After I got myself a nice new motherboard, Ubuntu thought the onboard sound card should be the main sound card used by all applications.