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Play Framework

At the start of my last project by Chess IX (I’m leaving after working there for over 5 years) I looked at several Java web frameworks. One of the frameworks was Wicked, which I blogged about earlier, but the hands-down winner was the Play Framework.

My experience with Wicket

Today I found out that I’m not a Java programmer. The more I look at programming languages in general, the more I find Java to be clumsy and short-sighted. For a project at my work I tried Wicket.

Java does not support Unicode, Python does

Sometimes Java just amazes me. As a friend of mine posted, Java does not support Unicode. Of course, my favourite language Python has a much friendlier approach to Unicode: >>> s = '⿱𠂉乙'.

Python vs. Java

One of the major reasons my company prefers Java over Python, is Java’s static type declarations (and all the benefits that follow). If only Python had that, my life would be so much nicer.