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Drone Panoramas Explained

My workflow for creating spherical panoramas with my drone is working quite well for me.

New Website

Today I launched my new website, with a new look and underlying tech, but all the old content.

New website & Python-RSA 3.3

You won’t notice it, but you’re now on my new website. The look is still the same, but under the hood a lot has changed. This includes the blog being fixed again, so that I can actually write new posts!

Comments via Disqus

UPDATE 2019: I’ve removed the ability to comment altogether. My blog has been targeted by spammers for years. The last months spam has been on the rise, so I finally got fed up with it and replaced my home-grown comment system with Disqus.

Lancering nieuwe website

Speciaal voor mijn fotografie is er vandaag een nieuwe website gelanceerd: Deze site is volledig gericht op fotografie: huwelijksreportages, portretten en panorama’s. Binnenkort zal ook een verandering doorgaan, aangezien alle fotografie-gerichte onderdelen nu een nieuw plekje op https://stuvelfoto.

Hacking in Fallout 3 improved

Ever since I bought Fallout 3: New Vegas, I’ve been playing their hacking mini-game again. Of course I’m using my own hacking tool to help me. Today I made a small improvement: it now also suggests which words to try first.

Stüvel Fotografie op Facebook

Ik heb een Facebook-pagina gemaakt voor Stüvel Fotografie: Deze keer een Nederlandse pagina – het blijft m’n moedertaal, en genoeg mensen zijn beter in Nederlands dan in Engels. 25 likes en ik kan er een betere URL aan geven ;-)

New website

My old website has been online for april 2006. Since that time it has grown considerably. My focus also moved from software engineering to photography, and this new design makes that a lot clearer.

Updated my portfolio

UPDATE 2019: the website linked below has been replaced by I’ve just updated my portfolio so I invite you all to take a look!

New look

I’ve updated the look of this site. Unfortunately for Microsoft Internet Explorer users, I couldn’t get the new look to work in that browser. Its CSS support is just too limited.