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Learning to Draw

I'm learning how to draw with an iPad and an Apple Pencil. My intent is also to have more hand-drawn illustrations on my website and in presentations.

Python-RSA 4.9 released

This new release of Python-RSA come with a few smaller improvements.

Python-RSA 4.8 released

This new release of Python-RSA come with various improvements, including a huge speed-up, and declares support for Python 3.10.

MyPy and Blender

MyPy is a fantastic tool to do static checks of Python code. Here is the configuration I use to make it play nice with Blender add-ons.

Python-RSA 4.7 released!

This new release of Python-RSA come with two security fixes and declares support for Python 3.9.

PWM and Visual Brightness

For my microcontroller projects I often want to convert some linear value (like a potentiometer position) into a light intensity. Since our eyes aren't linear, this requires some math. In this post I present a Python script that does the math for me.

Comments on Scripting for Artists

Nico Zevallos extracted notes from my Python training series Scripting for Artists.

Scripting for Artists Chapter 2

At Blender I have been making a tutorial series called Scripting for Artists. As relief during the COVID-19 worldwide quarantaine, a new chapter was added to this series, which now has come to an end.

Python-RSA 4.5 & 4.6 released!

These new releases of Python-RSA come with two security fixes. Python-RSA v4.5 is the final release supporting Python 2, and v4.6 has all the new goodies but requires Python 3.5 or newer.

Python-RSA 4.0 released!

After over two years of silence, Python-RSA 4.0 has been released! There are many improvements and also backward-incompatible changes (hence the increase of the major version number). Get it while it’s hot at the Python Package Index, or just install with pip install --upgrade rsa.