Learning to Draw

And using that to illustrate a new article about cleaning up GPS favourites.

To get more into the fundamentals of animation, I’m learning how to draw! Bought an Apple Pencil 2 to draw on my iPad, and I like it a lot. For now I keep things simple, with a (simulated) pencil and black-and-white drawings. Drawing bugs also makes it a nicer experience, because when I mess up the proportions, it still looks like a bug.

I share my drawings on Mastodon, at https://mastodon.art/@sybren. There’s also an RSS feed of my Mastodon posts if you’d rather use that.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I just wrote an article GPS Waypoint Deduplication. It’s about how I deduplicated my Osmand favourites with a bit of Python code. And of course I had to seize this opportunity to use my new drawing skills for a little flow diagram of the process :)

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
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