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Keychron Function Keys on Linux

The F1-F12 keys on my Keychron K5 SE keyboard don't work properly on Ubuntu Linux. In this post I explain how to solve this.

Phabricator Link Copy

A Greasemonkey script to copy document links and titles on

Phabricator List Count

A Greasemonkey script to show list sizes on

My name in the modern world

My last name is a technical hurdle. At least, for many people. In this high-tech, modern, globalized society, one would expect that a simple accented character shouldn’t be an issue. After all, even a small child can write Stüvel correctly with a stick in the mud.

Ten reasons I don't like Visual Studio

For my work I’m using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS) to write our C++ code. There are so many things wrong with this IDE that I just had to write this post.

My experience with Wicket

Today I found out that I’m not a Java programmer. The more I look at programming languages in general, the more I find Java to be clumsy and short-sighted. For a project at my work I tried Wicket.

Why doesn't Windows have a package manager?

After I uninstalled Visual Studio 2005 Pro I got this very long message (I’ve included it at the bottom of this blog post) telling me to manuall uninstall twenty other programs, in the correct order.

Refusing to continue

I’ve seen this so many times, and thought about writing about it. Today I found some code that is too good an example to let it go. I’m talking about the refusal some people have to using the continue statement.

I can only get health insurance by breaking the law

I wrote an updated version of this blog post in 2016, and keep the list of f*ckups up to date there: My Name in the Modern World. My last name is Stüvel.