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All mail is mine

While I'm doing web development I want to have an email server that ensures that all mail will end up in my mailbox. This is how I set up Postfix to do just that.

Local transparent HTTP proxy with Squid

Setting up Squid as a transparent HTTP proxy has been discussed plenty of times. All of these examples and blogs I’ve read on the subject assume that you run Squid on your network gateway.

BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0

I just got me a brand new HP Pavillion DV9000 series laptop. Today, all of a sudden it refused to boot. This message was shown on the console while booting:

DoS attacks on DNS servers

Since last Friday, there have been DoS attacks on the EveryDNS servers, which also host my domains. So if you have had trouble reaching this website, you at least know why.

Spam filtering with Postfix

UPDATE 2019: the link below is unfortunately dead. I’m moving from Exim to Postfix, most of all because of the simplicity of Postfix’ configuration files. Most HOWTOs about spam filtering with Postfix combine it with virus-scanning and other helper software like Amavis.

Ethernet numbering in Ubuntu

update: this info is obsolete as of Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10). ‘Bogdan’ posted a comment with an approach that works on more modern Ubuntus: In recent Ubuntu versions (and potentially other Linuxes), the iftab file is replaced by /etc/udev/rules.

Two-way tunnelling with NetCat

I read this on the comp.lang.python newsgroup. It’s a way to have two-way tunnelling with NetCat. Thanks to Rob Haswell: $ mknod backpipe p $ nc -l -p 8080 < backpipe | nc other 8080 > backpipe