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New Website Section: Electronics

I just added a new section to this website, showing off my electronics projects.

Touch pad dimmer with ESP32 & ESPHome

Toggle and dim your lights with an ESP32 and ESPHome.

ESP32, BLE, and the fix of the advertisement issues

After following some ESP+BLE tutorials, my phone would only connect once to the ESP32. After it disconnected it wouldn't reconnect. This is how I fixed it.

Class D Amplifier Prototype

I made a prototype Class D amplifier, and of course sharing all of it online.

Light Intensity Tool

This tool can create mappings from perceived light intensity to power levels. I use it all the time for electronics projects, to map from potentiometer position to the PWM value for dimming LEDs.

Adding support for ATmega328PB to AVR-GCC and AVRDude

GCC misses support for the ATmega328PB, even though it supports the older ATmega328P. This post explains how to modernise it by adding ATmega328PB support.

PWM and Visual Brightness

For my microcontroller projects I often want to convert some linear value (like a potentiometer position) into a light intensity. Since our eyes aren't linear, this requires some math. In this post I present a Python script that does the math for me.

Simple Amplifier

The Simple Amp I built an amplifier! This little fella is going to replace the big old amp that I use to hear my electric drumkit. I have made amplifiers before, but this one is by far the best-sounding (and most powerful) one so far.

Home Automation

Blablabla ESP32.