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Phabricator List Count

A Greasemonkey script to show list sizes on

Skyfill v1.2 released

Version v1.2 of Skyfill has been released, with 16-bit and AdobeRGB support.

Comments on Scripting for Artists

Nico Zevallos extracted notes from my Python training series Scripting for Artists.


I added a new spherical panorama to my website at

My ZSH configuration

A while ago I moved from Bash to ZSH, and never looked back. In this post I show bits & pieces of my ZSH setup.

Build before Debug in VSCode

For debugging Blender I have set up VSCode such that it builds Blender whenever I start the debugger.

Simple Amplifier

The Simple Amp I built an amplifier! This little fella is going to replace the big old amp that I use to hear my electric drumkit.

Drone Panoramas Explained

My workflow for creating spherical panoramas with my drone is working quite well for me.

Miniature Planets

I’ve added miniature planets to my photography website

Planned Changes to Blender's Alembic Exporter

I’m looking for feedback on planned Alembic exporter changes in Blender 2.90