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Python-RSA 4.7 released!

This new release of Python-RSA come with two security fixes and declares support for Python 3.9.

Locally re-pulling a Blender patch

For patch reviews I often need to fetch a newer version of a patch I’ve fetched before. This was a bit tedious, so I made myself a shell function that makes this super simple.

Toggle Blender's Build Options

A shell script for toggling some of Blender’s build options, so that I can get it built faster for my day-to-day coding work.


After downloading maps from Beat Savior, it was a hassle to unzip the files into sensibly-named directories. So I automated the process.

PWM and Visual Brightness

For my microcontroller projects I often want to convert some linear value (like a potentiometer position) into a light intensity. Since our eyes aren’t linear, this requires some math. In this post I present a Python script that does the math for me.

Phabricator Link Copy

A Greasemonkey script to copy document links and titles on

Phabricator List Count

A Greasemonkey script to show list sizes on

Skyfill v1.2 released

Version v1.2 of Skyfill has been released, with 16-bit and AdobeRGB support.

Comments on Scripting for Artists

Nico Zevallos extracted notes from my Python training series Scripting for Artists.


I added a new spherical panorama to my website at