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Cleaning up an Ubuntu system

Ubuntu uses quite a nifty package manager. It keeps track of which file belongs to which package. Not only that - it also keeps track of which packages you requested, and which were installed as a dependency.

Toying with Voronoi diagrams

For my Master of Science degree I have to work with Voronoi diagrams. They can be easily visualized (and toyed with) with the DotPlacer applet. Just enable the “Voronoi” check box, and add some points!

I can only get health insurance by breaking the law

Frustration My last name is Stüvel. Apparently, this is very difficult for many programmers and testers to understand. Here are a few of the ways that my name is displayed by various applications:

ValueError & Mercurial

I’ve been playing with Mercurial’s hooks lately. After I updated to the latest version (0.9.5) and toying a bit more with the hooks, I got this error after a hg push:

More power from your mobile's battery

I’m the happy owner of a Motorola Razr V3. Its battery used to last quite long, but now that it’s getting older it’s drained very quickly. At some point, I could charge it at night, talk a few minutes during the day, and when I got home in the evening the battery would be empty.

Highlighting the current line & column in VIM

It’s already in the VIM help file, but I never found it until now. To highlight the current row/line and the current column use this in your .vimrc: au WinLeave * set nocursorline nocursorcolumn au WinEnter * set cursorline cursorcolumn set cursorline cursorcolumn I found this quite useful while programming.

Safely copy a SQLite database

It’s trivially easy to copy a SQLite database. It’s less trivial to do this in a way that won’t corrupt it. Here’s how: $ sqlite3 some.db sqlite> begin immediate; <press CTRL+Z> $ cp some.

Line numbers in VIM's search & replace

Often, I have to assign a list of Selenium parameters $p1 through $pN to a list of more meaningful names. With VIM, this is easily done. First, place the meaningful names in the editor, one name per line:

Blame support in Eclipse

Eclipse has support for CVS annotations, also known as “blame support”. Right-click on a file, choose “Team”, “Show annotation” and you’ll see who last edited which line of code. However, if you ever turn off quick diff, this feature will stop working.

Article about the Zaurus SL-C3000

I’ve had a productive day today! Because I wanted to do some testing with the original Sharp software of my Zaurus SL-C3000, I had to re-flash it. I took a risk that turned sour, so I had to clear the entire machine and start from scratch.