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Start XBMC from remote

The Android XBMC Remote app has a “Power on” button. This button sends a wake-on-lan (WOL) packet to the XBMC server, so that it can wake up. However, my XBMC server runs all kinds of server stuff, so I don’t want to let it sleep.

Python-RSA version 3.1.1 released

Python-RSA version 3.1.1 has been released. A lot of things have been improved, thanks to Yesudeep Mangalapilly. Much, much faster Compatibility with Python 3.2 Lot of bug fixes Check the Python-RSA page for more information!

FlickrAPI and OAuth

This summer Flickr will stop supporting their old authentication system and move fully to OAuth. I’ve gotten several questions about whether Python FlickrAPI will support that. No worries, it will. If you want it fast, clone the repository, implement OAuth (don’t forget the unittests) and send me a pull request.

Python-RSA version 3.0 released

Python-RSA version 3.0 has been released. A lot of things have been improved: Much more secure Following industrial standard PKCS#1; this means compatibility with OpenSSL Ability to create and verify detached signatures More elegant method of encrypting large files Ability to save and load keys in PEM and DER format Extensive documentation More efficient key generation Check the Python-RSA page for more information!

Added random padding to Python-RSA

I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve just added encryption and decryption with random padding to my Python RSA module. The code has become much more secure than it was before, and also makes it capable of encrypting and decrypting binary data!

Python serial comm and RTS pin

At my work I’m communicating with an embedded device via a serial-to-USB cable. It works fine, except for one little detail: when the “Ready To Send” (RTS) pin is high, the device shuts down.

Version 2.0 of RSA module

A guy named Dave sent me an email today, telling me that my RSA implementation was rather insecure due to the use of the “pickle” Python module. Fortunately I had some nice improvements by Barry Mead already in version control, eagerly waiting to be released.

Multiple instances of QApplication in one process

I’m working on a PyQt 4 application for my employer Chess. Of course I’m writing plenty of unit tests for it as well. Those tests have to be cleanly separated from each other, so every test that requires the entire application to be up and running should have its own instance.

Python Flickr API 1.4 released

The Python FlickrAPI kit has just been released. The new features are: Using auth_callback=False when authentication is actually required now ises a FlickrError exception. The implementation uses self.flickr_host so that subclasses can override e API URLs.

Python Flickr API 1.3 released

Today I released version 1.3 of the Python Flickr API. It’s clear that I’ve been busy with my study and my work, as the world hasn’t seen a release in nearly a year.