UT2003 Cache Manager

Whenever you connect to a server, there is a chance that the server uses custom made files. These can range from new maps to altered sounds and background music. Without taking proper measures, you won’t be able to connect to such a server, because you don’t have these files.

Fortunately, Epic have made a solution for this. When you connect to a server, the server tells you which files it uses, and sends those that you don’t have yet. It can also redirect your client to a webserver, from which it’ll download the files without you knowing about the redirect. This will be a lot faster, though.

These downloaded files end up in your cache folder, located at $HOME/.ut2003/Cache. They are given a cryptic unique name so that two different files with the same name can still exist in your cache. This tool helps you in taking these files out of your cache, give them the right name, and move them to the right directory. It can also compress cached files into a .tar.gz archive, extract such an archive, re-write your cache.ini, clear the cache, and more!

In order to compile cachemanager for yourself, you need to download QT 3.1.1 from TrollTech. A precompiled binary is included in the download, so you shouldn’t have to do that if you just want to use the software.

(Update 2020: unfortunately the precompiled binaries have been lost in time)

Having the files you downloaded available for your own server or your own single-player games could come in handy. This cache manager will help you a lot with that.

Download Cache Manager 1.1.0 source code