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First photos with a Hasselblad

These are the first photos I’ve taken with my Hasselblad 500 C/M. I was actually planning of shooting in black & white mostly, but since I had some unused colour film in my fridge I thought it would be a good idea to practice with that.

Trying out T-Max 400

One of my favourite photographers, Stephan Vanfleteren, seems to shoot Kodak T-Max 400 film (the film is labeled Kodak 400TMY as you can see in some of his portraits). I wanted to give the film a try too, so I met up with my friend and willing subject Matthijs for a Sunday morning photoshoot in the park.

Sheepies in Utrecht

The campus of Utrecht University has a small field with sheep, and today I got up close and personal. One of the big sheep was even tame enough to let me stroke and pat it!

Long romantic weekend in Paris

Marit and I had a long, very romantic weekend in Paris a few weeks ago. Photo-wise all I took with me was my Chinon CS, two lenses (50mm f/1.7 and 28mm f/2.

Joe McNally shows history of NG from 1992

One of my photographic heroes, Joe McNally, wrote a blog post looking back 20 years at National Geographic. He also has a video from back in 1992 about the process of National Geographic, from the photograph via editing, more editing, and then finally to print.

Photoshoot with Janet

A week ago my friend Janet asked for a photographer on Facebook. The next day she stood in front of me, modeling outdoors in Amsterdam. I had packed all kind of gear - digital camera, flashes, light stands, umbrella, reflectors, analogue camera, the whole shebang.

Gursky world

“when you’re looking with your eyes, it doesn’t mean you’re seeing.” – Andreas Gursky The video below is a 23-minute documentary by Ben Lewis, about the German photographer Andreas Gursky.

My own dark room

This weekend I got a lot of dark room supplies from friends (thanks Ton & Q!). Monday I bought the necessary liquids, and yesterday I developed my very first photo. As soon as I saw the photo appear on the paper I fell in love with the process.

Summer in The Netherlands

Here’s this year’s joke: summer. It’s like last spring was confused and acted all summery, and summer, autumn and winter all think they’re autumn. Still makes for good photos though ;-)

Print Chuck

Panorama of Amsterdam Noord Alex over at Print Chuck is using my FlickrAPI implementation on their website. He offered me a free print as a thank you note for writing the software!