My Go-To Electronic Components

On this page I collect my go-to electronics components. These are the ones I always grab, unless I have a specific reason to use something else.

MOSFETs & Drivers

Small, SOT-23 packages

Name Chan Vds(max) Id(max) Rds(on)
DMG2302UK N 20V 2.4A — 2.8A 90—120mΩ
DMG2301LK P -20V -2.1A — -2.4A 160—210mΩ

Medium, DPak / TO-252AA packages

Name Chan Vds(max) Id(max) Rds(on)
IRLR024N N 55V 17A 65mΩ
IRFR3910PBF N 100V 16A 115mΩ


Name Chan Vds(max) Id(max) Rds(on) Package
BUK7208-40B N 40V 75A 6.8—8mΩ SOT428
IRF540Z N 100V 36A 26.5mΩ TO-220AB / D²-Pak

MOSFET Drivers

If the drive voltage can be used as-is, and 1A is enough to drive the MOSFET, I use a super cheap PMD3001D driver.

If a voltage shift is necessary, I use a Microchip MCP1401. It only drives at a max 500mA, but it’s cheap & often sufficient.


Type Name V(max) Vf Current Package
General purpose FDLL4148 100V 0.65V 200mA SOD80
Schottky RSX101 30 0.35V 1A SOD-123FL
Higher power IN4007 / M7 1000V 1V 1A DO-214

Sensors & other ICs

Type Name Package Communication
Temperature TMP1075 SOIC-8 I²C
Voltage Monitor (3.3V) TPS3839G33 SOIC-8

Buttons & Switches

The C&K PTS525 ( CKN9104CT-ND at DigiKey) has been quite reliable for me, and has a nice subtle click.