Graduated as MSc!

Last monday I defended my thesis and succeeded! I got an 8.5 (out of 10) as the grade, with which I’m very happy. This finalizes my Game & Media Technology computer science master at the Utrecht University.

The title is Stride Space: Humanoid walking animation interpolation using 3D Delaunay databases.


Precise control over foot placement during character locomotion is crucial to avoid obstacle collision and to produce natural results. We present a new exact parameterization technique for generating humanoid walking animations. Given a database of pre-recorded motion capture data we generate new animations using a spanning neighbours search in a Delaunay database and interpolating those neighbours. Our approach results in exact foot placement while soft constraints such as timing are also taken in account, due to a novel blend candidates selection strategy. We show that this can be done very efficiently as to be compatible with real-time applications.

You can download my thesis from

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
dr. Sybren A. Stüvel
Open Source software developer, photographer, drummer, and electronics tinkerer