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Fish & Gits

My Fish shell and Git configurations

MyPy and Blender

MyPy is a fantastic tool to do static checks of Python code. Here is the configuration I use to make it play nice with Blender add-ons.

Locally re-pulling a Blender patch

For patch reviews I often need to fetch a newer version of a patch I've fetched before. This was a bit tedious, so I made myself a shell function that makes this super simple.

Toggle Blender's Build Options

A shell script for toggling some of Blender's build options, so that I can get it built faster for my day-to-day coding work.

Phabricator Link Copy

A Greasemonkey script to copy document links and titles on

Phabricator List Count

A Greasemonkey script to show list sizes on

Comments on Scripting for Artists

Nico Zevallos extracted notes from my Python training series Scripting for Artists.

Build before Debug in VSCode

For debugging Blender I have set up VSCode such that it builds Blender whenever I start the debugger.

Planned Changes to Blender's Alembic Exporter

I'm looking for feedback on planned Alembic exporter changes in Blender 2.90

Scripting for Artists Chapter 2

At Blender I have been making a tutorial series called Scripting for Artists. As relief during the COVID-19 worldwide quarantaine, a new chapter was added to this series, which now has come to an end.